High Voltage Transformer



These High voltage transformers are used for testing purpose and we manufacture up to 50kV resin cast and for customer required current capacity.We also manufacturing up to 100kV oil filled transformers.

High voltage transformers are used for testing purpose in high voltage laboratory. The High voltage transformer is core type, 1-phase and oil immersed. These transformers are generally used for the HT cable testing purpose.

We manufacture up to 50 KV resin cast and current capacity required by customer. In addition to this we also manufacture up to 100 KV oil filled transformers.


  • Types : High Voltage Transformer
  • Range : Up to 100 kV
  • Capacity : 50 VA to 500kVA
  • Frequency : 50 Hz
  • Duty of operation : Continuous or as specified
  • Winding Material : Electrolytic Copper
  • Insulation Class : “F” class
  • Cooling : Resin Cast or Oil cooled

  • High voltage separate source test.
  • High voltage Source for continuous run test.

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